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About the Blog:

This blog is loosely centered on the idea of "gardening with what you've got." In other words, it's not about the most fantastic gardens you'll ever see in front of stately homes, though there are spectacular sights all around the south side. It's about making do, experimenting, watching things grow, and creating your own green oasis in a spare moment or an unlikely space. Sometimes that may be in a challenging garden (as for me), or in a community garden plot, a fire escape, a garden room, a window sill...anywhere. That said, sometimes I'll post photos of wonderful plants no matter where I find them--I can't always resist!

Also, I take photos of other peoples' "urban oases" around town, and I post them here because I love seeing how determined and imaginative some gardeners can be, and I want to share what I find. If I post a photo of your space and you would like it removed, please just leave me a comment and I'll take it down! All comments will be moderated before posting.

About Me:

I am currently co-authoring a work of popular history, tentatively titled Green Victorians. I live in Hyde Park, Chicago. 

Email me at chainlinktrellis@gmail.com .
Join me on twitter: @chainlinktrelli  or @NorNoirWrdprs