Community Gardens

I'm trying to build a list of community gardens in the area. If you'd like to add one, or add additional info--please leave a comment. Thanks!

Nichols Park
I went to the Field House recently and was told that all the plots were already rented out by at least May 24th, and probably much earlier, though technically the last date to rent out a plot appears to be June 1st. An informational sheet I was given says that each plot goes for about $60 (I assume for the season). It also says the garden is "named after Claude Benjamin, a long-time supporter of the Club and a lover of horticulture" and notes "the Club's new focus on children in our activities." Apparently there is some sort of youth program established, and the info sheet says volunteers and financial contributions are needed. All contact and events info can be found on the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club website: -Thanks to staff at the Field House for their help!

55th/Woodlawn (behind Starbucks)
More info on this space soon. Last I heard, plots were renting for about $25 for the season. As of the end of May, I didn't see much empty space here!
Seen on Marketplace (
"We have 140 sqft of soil available to any gardeners and/or aspiring botanists to develop for a vegetable or flower garden. There is no charge to till the land and make a garden grow. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to see it." Contact:

62nd St. Gardens
An established community garden. All the info you need is here:
Also see this south side community gardens blog:  A Modest Plot