Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winterized Chain-Link Fence and Garden Cookies

I am in the middle of my annual winter garden sulk, so I made "holiday" cookies yesterday as I saw fit:

Chain-link garden cookies

What looks better, the cookies or my winterized chain-link garden? Either way, one will be gone tomorrow--I know that much. I've been tossing around ideas as to what could make a chain-link garden look festive in the winter, and finally wound up wrapping this fake garland around the fence top, arbor and shepherd's hooks...all to uncertain effect:

At the very least, the garland catches the snow nicely, and the birds seem to alight on it happily.

Garlanded shepherd's hooks, with baskets left up as bird-feeding platforms

A garlanded section of chain-link fence, dusted with snow
I thought about entwining the fence with even more of the garland, but never found time to do it. It looks a bit worse if you hastily drape it everywhere, and weaving it in and out of all the links proved somewhat maddening. I found later, though, that cutting the garland into shorter strips makes it a lot easier!

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