Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unlikely Spaces Spring 2012

Been wandering around new areas lately, and saw this. What a great way to beautify your condo or apartment building. Yet it seems like 60-70% of all such buildings have only lawns, which don't offer wildlife much food or shelter, and may be bad for the environment. It's still early spring (if crazily warm) but I can see where this patch is going, and I may return for more photos.

Being sensitive to the difficulties faced by less dominant birds, I love the different feeders and varieties of seed here. Once the vegetation grows up, it will look great. The birds are of course pleased with anything just now.

I've lived in Hyde Park for nearly a decade, and I've never noticed the fire station's garden on 55th Street.

It's not thriving just yet, but someone bothered to hang a little bird house and set up a brick border. Perhaps a donation of annuals or bulbs would be in order... I'd love to see a little trellis here too.

And here we have an example of my pet interest. There's no reason the chain-link garden should be deprived of spring blooms...

So don't be shy about throwing some seeds down, hanging a feeder, or using odd materials to create a plant stand. You never know whose day might be brightened by your effort.


  1. There are so many great places for small space gardening. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes there are--and I enjoy looking out for them!