Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spotted: Reclaimed Oasis

This patch of trackside splendor appeared some time during the last year. It used to be a great green mass of bramble, not without its charms, but also not without its plastic bags and general urban detritus. I could not have guessed I should snap a "before" picture, though I wish I had.

Now someone has taken the time and trouble to create, if not an actual secret garden, the suggestion of one. And in a way, this suggestion is worth more to us all because it's not jealously hidden away.
What I love most about this small-scale project is the curving path:

As with the fairy tale garden, this is a path to nowhere. It doesn't even lead to a fire escape. I would as soon set foot on it as stumble through someone's impatiens. But the mere sight of it makes me think of a barefoot ramble across pastureland in search of wild raspberries or a four leaf clover.

So thank you, Gardener, for casting your miniature spell!

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