Monday, June 27, 2011

Spotted: Scrappy Bird Bath

If you garden at all, you'll see some birds. I even had a sparrow come into my garden room once in the middle of winter. It was delightful, at first. But then it wound up hopping all the way through my apartment...back near where my cat was the middle of a phone interview, and...oh never mind. It didn't end well. The bird was fine.

Anyway, I say invite your birds to stay a while (outdoors only!). But rather than buying a specially made bird bath, consider re-purposing materials you'd otherwise throw out...

When I glanced at this as I was walking by, I unconsciously took in a deep, peaceful breath. I thought of a Japanese zen garden.

It took me four or five more steps before I realized that it's an upside down metal stand, propped up with a cinder block, balancing a clay flower pot saucer (although it's darker than a regular clay pot).

I think it's beautiful, and I bet the birds like it. The foliage is quickly covering up the block too.

Overall, this shady garden is greatly enhanced by the addition of one thoughtful, clever inversion. And from now on, I'll try to think upside down before I discard anything.

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  1. I used to have a birdbath that was a repurposed standing ashtray. It looked great for a while but eventually got too rusty. I got it for $1 at a yard sale. I still have the glass insert and put seeds inside that on my little patio table.