Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Weed Killer for Tiny Lawns

Tiny gardens have tiny lawns (if they have a lawn at all), so it's quite reasonable to dig out the weeds by hand. Still, I've been frustrated with weeding tools in the past.

When I decided my lawn needed to be aerated I had an epiphany, because I didn't want to rent an aerator for such a small job.

My never-used POTATO PEELER.

Its sharp tip digs deeply and easily into my compacted soil...

...with a simple twist I can carve out a cylinder of earth along with the weed's roots...

...then with a slight tilt and yank, I extract the cylinder of earth and the weed's roots, thereby weeding and aerating the lawn at once.

Perhaps there are better weeding tools and aerators on the market. Lawn connoisseurs (I am not one) may roll their eyes. But this potato peeler was really cheap. As in lying around unused and unloved--till now!

And it works. And it's "green." No poison necessary.

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