Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grow Light vs. Freezing Sunlight (cont.)

So, how are those grow light seedlings doing now? And how are they doing in comparison to the outdoor seedlings?

Today I planted the grow light cilantro in this pot. I also threw in a few sprigs of cilantro that I found growing outdoors (it pops up spontaneously if you let it go to seed the year before). The grow light cilantro cannot stand up on its own, but it is (actually was) about 5 times bigger than the outdoor cilantro. I had to nip it back a little, and we even got to eat some....So, the grow light cilantro gets high marks for early edibility, and low marks for the general sturdiness of the plant (for now). ...However, the root structure of the grow light cilantro is much more substantial at this point.

Nasturtiums. I threw a few seeds outside in regular dirt about 6 weeks ago. So cute! Nasturtiums are quite nice on a chain-link fence if you take the time to weave them in and out (they are not self-attaching). And hummingbirds love them.

And here is the grow light nasturtium--much taller, but also falling over. I have been hardening up these indoor seedlings...I hope this one eventually takes off.

These are both plants that do okay outdoors anyway. But I have also started zinnias, a variety of lettuce, alyssum, and some unknown wildflowers (pinks? aster? phlox?) and they seem too delicate to make it outdoors without any help (cold frames etc.). Indoors, they have received steady light and consistent moisture and temperature. And, for now, they're alive!

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