Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Hyde Park Garden Fair

 The Hyde Park Garden Fair saw about a half day of sun this year. Then the weather plunged into early March temps and there went spring, at least for the next week or so. Parking was another problem. Unable to find a spot, I had to drive home and walk back to the fair, and then carry my plants home. That's fine, but it means I bought fewer plants, and only small ones.

But that's what you get with a two day event. It can even be a bit cut-throat. I always go a little early on the first day to make sure I get my favorite tomato plant. I'm not saying which one it is. Others seem to like it too, since it sold out by noon on Friday again. I got the very last one! You can't get these varieties of tomatoes (not to mention herbs and other plants) at Home Depot. Some require a little more care, but they taste a LOT better. The "worry free" tomatoes from HD are bland and thick-skinned--not worth the little effort they take, in my opinion.

I was so tempted to buy this lonicera (I think it was lonicera, also known as honeysuckle)...but again, there was the problem of carrying it home, and I had a whole tray of other plants already.

Lovely varieties of clematis were available. 

Basics, for all your bedding and potted plant needs...

...along with many dozens of these exquisite specimen plants..
...and these too, Crossandra, or Firecracker plant.
I should mention that there were also hanging baskets, house plants, wildflowers, peppers, roses and a few other shrubs. All in all the fair is always a treat, and it always makes me sad, because it's gone in a flash. I barely have time to fall in love with a plant before it's whisked away again!

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